From Wallace’s The Geographical Distribution of Animals (Wikimedia)


Biologists and naturalists since Darwin have noticed that patterns in a species’ distribution can reveal important information about the ecology and evolution of that species. Since early in human history, people have had a strong influence on species distributions. This is more of an issue today than at any point in history, as anthropogenic climate change, land use conversions, and species invasions are reshaping biological communities across the globe. My work uses field surveys, experiments, and computer modeling to understand the ecological and evolutionary forces underlying species distributions, with the end goal of aiding conservation efforts to preserve rare and endangered species.

I encourage undergraduate students interested in research in wildlife ecology, conservation biology, or biogeography to contact me. I am happy to advise students who wish to pursue field work, GIS modeling, or a combination of both.

Current Projects
Ecological Niche Modeling
Biogeography and Hybridization

Past Projects
Hybrid Fitness