Amanda Chunco (center) with research students Cas Levy (left) and Emma Nault (right)

I am a wildlife ecologist and Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at Elon University. My work integrates field studies with biogeographic models to aid the conservation of rare and endangered species. My field work focuses primarily on small mammals, but my modeling work covers all animal taxa. And, I am happy to work with and advise students with a genuine interest in wildlife ecology or biogeography, regardless of the taxonomic group they wish to study.

My teaching interests include all aspects of conservation, evolution, ecology, environmental science, and biogeography. Because the environmental decisions of all people affect the world in which we live, I am also very interested in public outreach, and I regularly participate in environmentally themed outreach events.


Email: achunco (at) elon (dot) edu

Mailing Address:
Department of Environmental Studies
McMichael Science Building 003D
2625 Campus Box, Elon, NC 27244

(336) 278-6275