Research Students

Current Students

20141007_092255Jenny Archis (2014 – ) Jenny is studying range retraction in coral snakes using GIS and species distribution models.

Will Hemminger (2014 – ) Will is studying mammal species diversity at Loy Farm.

Cas Levy (2015 – ) Cas is studying niche shift in a group of dung beetle species in Australia using GIS.

Emma Nault (2015 – ) Emma is working on a field based study of mammals and macro-invertebrates at Loy Farm.

Past Students

IMG_2157Susie Masecar (2013 – 2015) studied the impact of farming practices on wildlife diversity on small farms throughout the Piedmont. Susie is now a vet student at NC State.

Frances Klein (2014 – 2015) studied the vertical movement of sharks over time. Frances is now a Campaign Organizer at We Are Impact, an non-profit environmental organization.